Thursday, October 31, 2013

Part I: New wheels!

Well, so this is a cool shot. I set the self-timer and put my camera on the ground, the rest is history.

I needed a new wheelchair as my old one was falling apart. I also spend the weekends during the summer in the woods on dirt roads and paths, so I was looking for something that could be versatile.

I spent a moderate amount of time researching what the best option would be for both situations (day-to-day life and outdoor travel).

I narrowed my search down to three different chairs. Actually, all I really found was three different chairs. Two chairs were basically modified "regular" chairs. They had regular wheels in back and then had modified forks in front to accommodate larger wheels to manage obstacles. One of these chairs frame was stretched out, making it harder to use in a day-to-day environment.

The third chair was so different. Its design setup harked back to the old-fashioned wheelchairs...two wheels in front and a third in back. This, however, is where all similarities ended. The Trekinetic K2 has two mammoth knobby tires up front (with push rims, although you get much better purchase by pushing the actual tires). Then in the back, it has a third smaller knobby tire on a swivel for the turning. And, instead of the way regular wheelchairs are put together with a squarish aluminum or titanium frame and seat, the Trekinetic has a molded, carbon fiber, bucket-like seat and all the hardware is attached to the seat.

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(to be continued)