Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Not just another disabled person in a wheelchair

Below is Max's story. It sounds very much like what I would say and what I would want/do. I am a very unique individual (or try to be). I didn't want my wheelchair to be this boring, "normal" looking wheelchair. I really liked the Trekinetic K-2. The chair is so different. It is innovative in how it's more efficient when pushing yourself and how it is easier to get to more places.

Anyway, here's what Max had to say:

I like the design and how this reflects on the user (i.e. not medical and someone who cares about the way things look), and its ability to go places which are difficult to tackle in a traditional manual wheelchair.
It's made a lot of difference to my life. It has enabled me to go places I wouldn't have easily been able to go otherwise - beaches, mud paths, gravel drives, etc. It has also enabled me to travel much more easily - e.g. recently we went to Lisbon, full of cobbles and hills.
Equally importantly, it allows my personality to be expressed more accurately (i.e. I transcend being 'just another disabled person in a wheelchair').

I, too, have transcended being "just another disabled person in a wheelchair". This chair is just miles above other chairs I've used/seen. And I'll tell you, once you see it in person, sit in it and give it a spin, I think you'll understand.

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